ECRB support to the establishment of SEE CAO

Athens, Greece, April 2014

At the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) meeting on 15 April in Athens, President Branislav Prelevic underlined the significance of the Coordination Auction Office in South East Europe (SEE CAO), established on 27 March, as the first truly practical regional project in the 8th Region. Mr Prelevic called on the national regulatory authorities to actively push their transmission network operators (TSOs) to comply with the legal obligations under the Energy Community Treaty to establish a regionally coordinated capacity allocation and congestion management procedure.

Energy Community Director, Janez Kopač, strongly welcomed the establishment of the SEE CAO, but regrets that not all TSOs in the region are taking part - two in the Energy Community (Serbia and Macedonia) and two in the European Union (Romania and Bulgaria) have not joined at this stage. “The benefits of coordinated electricity auctions cannot be doubted. I sincerely hope that the remaining TSOs will join the CAO in one or two months. If not, the respective Contracting Parties will face a dispute settlement procedure for failing to comply with the Energy Community acquis,” he said.

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