IPTO and MEPSO border in Yearly Auctions 2017

With regards to the announcement for Yearly auctions 2017 published on SEE CAO website on October 21st 2016, it was noted that border between IPTO and MEPSO is yet to be confirmed by relevant TSOs due to the successful testing and pending approval of Auction Rules v1.4 by MEPSO's respective NRA.

Based on the confirmation received by the relevant TSOs on November 09th, and the approval of SEE CAO Auction Rules v1.4 by MEPSO’s NRA on 31.10.2016., SEE CAO announces to all Auction participants the border IPTO <> MEPSO shall be included in the Auction process for 2017, starting with Yearly Auctions on November 22nd 2016.

Auctions will be performed in accordance with Auction Rules v1.4

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