PTC SEE CAO LLC registered

Podgorica, Montenegro, 04th of July, 2012

Limited Liability Project Team Company in charge of establishing a Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe was registered at the Court in Podgorica, Montenegro on 04th of July 2012. The shareholders are TSOs from the SE Region: ADMIE, CGES, ELES, HEP OPS, KOSTT, MEPSO, NOS-BIH, OST, TEIAS, Transelectrica. The Executive Director of PTC SEE CAO is Mr. Aleksandar Mijušković, from CGES Montenegro. By the end of 2014, the Project Team Company will prepare the necessary legal, financial and technical framework for the start up of the SEE CAO. This includes, among others, the development of capacity allocation rules, auction revenue allocation procedures and tendering of the capacity auction IT.

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