Becici, Montenegro, 14th-15th of May, 2013

Workshop with the representatives from all shareholders TSOs took place in Hotel Splendid, Becici, Montenegro, from 14th till 15th of May 2013.

Main issues for discussion and harmonization on the Workshop were documents prepared by PTC: Auction Rules and Agreement for Services. Other topics included VAT issue and Data Exchange.

The Workshop was chaired by PTC SEE CAO Executive Director Mr. Aleksandar Mijuškovic. The Presenters were Experts from PTC: Mr. Vojislav Pantic (Auction Rules), Mrs. Raluca David (Agreement for Services), Ms. Dijana Martincic (Data Exchange), and Mr. Tom Kyriakopoulos from Law office Kelemenis & Co who spoked about VAT issues.

Workshop gathered 20 Participants from 10 shareholder TSOs.

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