Results of the Yearly Auction for 2019

SEE CAO Allocation Platform is proud to inform Market Participants that Yearly Auction for the year 2019 has been successfully performed in DAMAS Auction Tool.

For the second time, yearly auctions are performed in line with SEE CAO set of Harmonised Allocation Rules.

Yearly Auction of long term transmission rights was performed on 6 bidding zone borders operated by SEE CAO Allocation Platform (HR-BA, BA-ME, ME-AL, AL-GR, GR-MK, GR-TR).

SEE CAO announces Yearly Auction for 2019

SEE CAO Allocation Platform is glad to inform you that Yearly Auction for 2019 will be held on 26 November 2018.

The Announcement of the Yearly Auction with the information on the offered capacities will be provided to you and published on our web site and in Auction Tool on 19 November 2018.  Below you can find the table showing the Bidding Zone borders on which the auctions will be carried out:


About Us

SEE CAO is an allocation platform for the region of South East Europe, which performs yearly, monthly and daily coordinated auctions of cross-border capacity rights on 6 borders between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, FYROM and Turkey.