SEE CAO announces public consultations of SEE CAO HAR set of rules

SEE CAO announces public consultations of SEE CAO HAR set of rules which will last until June 28th.

Following the ‘best European practice’ of early implementation of guidelines on Forward Capacity Allocation, SEE TSOs and Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe (SEE CAO) have prepared a new set of rules in order to implement HAR in the region of SEE for Auction process 2018. Therefore, SEE CAO and SEE TSOs have prepared a set of rules with which they would transpose ENTSO-E “All TSOs proposal for harmonised allocation rules for long-term transmission rights in accordance with Article 51 of Commission Regulation 8EU) 2016/1719 of 26 September 2016 establishing a Guideline on Forward Capacity Allocation” dating April 10th 2017 with the Specific Annex for Bidding Zone borders serviced by SEE CAO to perform long-term allocation of transmission rights (yearly and monthly auctions).

Since daily allocation is prescribed by the CACM guideline (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management) which still has not been implemented on none of the Bidding Zone borders serviced by SEE CAO, SEE CAO shall continue to perform coordinated explicit daily auctions in line with Rules for explicit Daily Capacity Allocation on Bidding Zone borders serviced by SEE CAO v1.0.

Additional documents such as Participation Agreement, Financial terms, Nomination rules and Information System Rules are prescribed by HAR and are following it by determining custom terms and rules which are to be published on SEE CAO’s website.

The interested parties are invited to send their remarks, comments and suggestions in format attached below by June 28th 2017, 12:00 CET on the following e-mail address: