SEE CAO organized 2nd DAMAS TSO Workshop with representatives of TSOs participating in SEE CAO and representatives of DAMAS provider Unicorn Systems. 

Workshop was held in “Montenegro” hotel in Bečići, Montenegro on 19th and 20th of June 2014. 1st DAMAS TSO workshop was organized in February 2014 in Bečići.

During the Workshop, TSOs were presented with the final version of theAuction Platform - DAMAS system and the Auction workflow diagram. They had an opportunity to test the system and work with it as the yearly, monthly and daily auctions were simulated. In addition, data exchange process and requirements were discussed and joined conclusions on the next steps and processes were reached.

SEE CAO also plans to organize in September 2014 a workshop for traders with participation and involvement of the TSO representatives and Unicorn team to support this event, in order for the traders to be introduced to the DAMAS Platform, registration procedures and SEE CAO activities.

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