Announcement of curtailment on IT-ME border

Based on instructions from TERNA and CGES, SEE CAO announces that NTC on IT<->ME border will be curtailed for 17.07.2020 in order to ensure operation remains within Operational Security Limits.

Hourly NTC values for the day of concern are enclosed.

SEE CAO Operations Plan

SEE CAO informs that starting of tomorrow, 08.07.2020, for the period of next 14 days, with possibility of prolongation, due to safety measures imposed by Montenegrin Government and worryingly situation with COVID-19, operational activities of the company will be adjusted accordingly. There will be no changes in business processes.

In order to enable unobstructed communication, bellow you can find personal cell numbers of auction operators, to which they can be reached everyday in period 8am-15pm CET:

+382 67 217628

+382 67 010077

+382 67 231868

Public consultation regarding the allocation rules on Italy-Montenegro border

SEE CAO, on behalf of Terna and CGES, informs that public consultation on the update of the allocation rules on Italy-Montenegro border has been launched.

The documents under consultation are:

  • Rules for Forward Capacity Allocation on Italy-Montenegro border;
  • Rules for Daily Capacity Allocation on Italy-Montenegro border.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments to by 31st July 2020.