Increase of NTC Value for Turkey-Greece border direction

The value of the net transfer capacity (NTC) on border direction from Turkey to Greece will be increased from 50 MW to 84 MW in the period between 19 August and 31 August 2019.

This quantity (34 MW) will be allocated on daily auctions in accordance with SEE CAO Daily Allocation Rules.

New payment instructions

SEE CAO informs you regarding the change of correspondents of our bank Societe Generale Montenegro for foreign inflows in EUR and USD.

From now on correspondent for the EUR and USD currencies will be Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Wien - RZBAATWW. We emphasize that the SWIFT and IBAN will remain the same.

In the attachment you can find updated instructions for international payment transactions.

Please note that previous instructions will be valid until 19th of July 2019.