Celebrating the five year milestone

We were more than glad to host our respectful partners and friends for the occasion of SEE CAO’s fifth business anniversary.

This important night was about honouring the success of our firm which is a pioneer in capacity allocation processes in South East Europe and about gained achievements.

SEE CAO has started its operations in 2014 and today, at the end of 2019, can boast numbers as well. More than 120 traders, 7 operating borders, around 70 long term and more than 1800 daily auctions, are just some of the figures that evidence the success of our company and we were delighted by the opportunity to share our excitement with our guests, partners, and colleagues.

During the formal part of the event, the Executive Director Mr. Bulatovic has handed a donation in the amount of EUR 3,700 to the Children’s hospital in Podgorica, for purchasing of equipment for the youngest members of our society. This donation was granted by employees of our company and the Board of Directors consisted of representatives of SEE CAO’s shareholders from 8 countries.

As a firm, we have recognized the importance of socially responsible acting and practicing of corporate social responsibility. We believe that by taking an active participation we can inspire and set good examples by adhering to noble practices and making the impact into the lives of individuals.

It is often said that data is the new oil. Instead, we`d argue that it is trust that will decide whether the business succeeds. This is why we will stay committed to ensuring that our traders, as well as our business partners, are satisfied with our work, dedication, and responsiveness.

Enjoy some of the photographed moments from our celebration party, held on 5 December in Hotel Regent in Montenegro.

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