Announcement: DAMAS planned outage 07.06.2022

Please be informed that DAMAS Auction tool will not be available today, 07.06.2022 from 17.00h until the end of day, due to planned system maintenance.

In case of any changes, you will be timely informed.

Thank you for understanding.

Announcement of curtailment on IT-ME border for 03.06.2022

Based on instructions from CGES and TERNA, SEE CAO announces that NTC on IT<->ME border will be curtailed for delivery day 03.06.2022 from 08:00h till 12:00h in order to ensure operation remains within Operational Security Limits.

Curtailment will be performed two days before delivery day (D-2) at 11h. Hourly NTC values for the day of concern are enclosed.

Increase of NTC values on BA-HR border for 01.06.2022

NTC values on BA-HR border for delivery day 01.06.2022 are increased from 500 MW to 750 MW for all hours and both border directions.

Increased NTC values will be allocated on daily auctions in accordance with the relevant Auction Rules.