New bidding zone border welcomed to SEE CAO`s portfolio

SEE CAO is thrilled to announce upcoming forward and daily capacity auctions on the Italy - Montenegro border!

Upon the decision of Italian and Montenegrin national regulators, our allocation office will be in charge for organization of capacity auctions on undersea power interconnector between Italy and Montenegro.

During the last weeks CGES, TERNA and our team worked on enabling of all technical, legal and material aspects of this trilateral collaboration for which we are sure will have a lot of success in the following period.

By accessing to list of our Service Users, TERNA has joined ADMIE, CGES, HOPS, NOSBiH, TEIAS, MEPSO and OST and became important part of our operations and our respectful partner.

We are confident that this new partnership will be productive and fruitful and that all upcoming operations will be performed to full satisfaction of all included parties.

With the hope that our activities on this new border will result in affirming the trust of our market participants and reassuring of our strong relations, we are sincerely looking forward to enabling energy traders to participate in wider manner to energy transactions in the SEE region.

Below you can find relevant information related to capacity allocation rules and timetable of planed auctions on the Italy – Montenegro border.

Applicable rules:

  1. Allocation Rules for Forward Capacity Allocation on Italy- Montenegro Border:
  2. Rules for Daily Capacity Allocation on Italy- Montenegro Border:


Yearly auction on IT-ME border for 2020:

Auction Specification publishing:  4 December 2019

Yearly Auction 2020 gate opening: 11 December 2019


Monthly auction for January 2020 on IT-ME border:

Auction Specification publishing:  18 December 2019

Monthly Auction for January 2020 gate opening: 20 December 2019


All new traders who wish to obtain the status of Registered Participant and participate to auctions coordinated by our platform may find all relevant procedural information on the following link.

Needless to say, our team is at your full disposal for answering any potential questions and providing all required further information. Happy bidding!

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