UPDATE: Announcement of curtailment on TR–GR border for November 2021

Based on instructions from TEIAS and IPTO, SEE CAO updates the information on curtailment on TR<–>GR border for November 2021:

Curtailment will be performed for period 08–12 November 2021 (instead of initially announced 08–14 November 2021), in order to ensure operation remains within Operational Security Limits. Urgency of maintenance works prevents its postponement to beginning of 2022.

The curtailment will be performed on a daily basis, two days before each delivery day (D-2) at 11h.

Hourly NTC values for days of concern (08–12 November 2021) are enclosed. Updates of NTC values for 13 and 14 November 2021 (if any) will be published timely.

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