In order to register, it is necessary to fulfill Statement of Acceptance, which is Annex 4. of Auction Rules, with two attachments, 4.1 and 4.2 and send to SEE CAO via post services, signed to the following address:

In attention of Anja Ivanović

Tel: +382 20 414794

Moskovska 39, 81000 Podgorica


Also, it is needed to follow the procedure for getting an electronic certificate (Certificate User Guide document published on website - Certificates ).

Once acquired certificate and after receiving Confirmation Note from SEE CAO side, Annex 5 of Auction Rules should be fulfilled and sent to SEE CAO.

After this, SEE CAO creates user account for DAMAS platform and credentials are sent to the user via email. 

In order to participate in auctions Risk Management instruments (Deposit or Bank guarantee) are needed.